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How to Spot A Drywood Termite

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Swarmer’s (winged termites) are dark brown in color with smoky-black wings that have black veins, approximately 7/16 of an inch long and have red-brown head and thorax. Nymphs are off-white in color with yellow-brown heads. Soldiers have reddish-brown heads with large mandibles and light colored bodies.

Reproductive swarms are triggered by light, moisture and warmth, usually after a rain (like subterranean termites). They need no earth wood contact other than natural moisture in the wood. Nymphs begin working after hatching, serving as worker castes. They molt 7 times to become either adult, reproductive’s or soldiers. Fecal pellets have 6 grooves and are slightly less that 1/16 of an inch long and very even with a “sand-like” appearance.

When temperature, humidity and light are optimal, swarmers like these may be found in areas like windowsills, light fixtures, bathrooms, kitchens and other areas in your home. These dead swarmers may be an indication that there are significant infestation(s) and termite damage in your home. Ask your inspector about treatment methods for these voracious pests