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Seashore Pest Control’s termite control techniques are clean and efficient

The microwave system kills termites within the wood where they live. This is achieved by the bombardment of radio frequency waves upon the pest’s cell structure and wood cells housing them. The radio frequency bombardment of the moisture within the pest thermally heats the infestation or infection rapidly from the inside outward, similar to the way a potato thermally heats within a microwave oven. Heat generated becomes lethal in a very short time. The generator is then moved to treat adjacent infested areas to achieve a more thorough kill. The microwave treatment; However, is a secondary treatment and is considered sub-standard due to it’s inability to eradicate unseen colonies.

The microwave generator unit and operating system was designed for localized treatment of termites living within the seasoned hard or soft wood timbers and framing of furniture and structures. It is capable of thermal treatment up to 9″ in depth. This includes, but is not limited to treatment of accessible infestation and infection concealed within inaccessible wall areas and voids constructed of masonry, wood, wood products, acrylic plastic and glass. Treatment will not penetrate metal or metal byproducts.

Once termites are located in specific wall framing, the magnatron is set-up and microwaving is performed in infested areas.
Seashore Pest Control’s microwave technology to treat drywood and dampwood termites is clean and efficient.