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Termite Damage

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Drywood Termites contribute to the balance of nature by breaking down dead wood and making it into compost. In your home, however, they only cause expensive, permanent damage.
Below are examples of Drywood Termites existing in areas that were covered by either drywall or wood siding.

damage1 big img2 damage2 big img1 big img3

This framing was easily infested by Drywood Termites. All it takes is a tiny crack in the wall surface or a hairline joint between structural members for the termites to enter.

The evidence that instigated the removal of these covered areas making it then inaccessible were tiny sand-like pellets. In order for the repairs to be completed, much more of the covered areas needed to be removed making it a very costly repair. After the repairs were completed, the property still required a thorough treatment.
Drywood Termites turn your home’s framing into paper-thin wood. It doesn’t take much for this pen to be pushed all the way through this study.