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Termites are the most economically important insect in the United States and in other places as well. Their destructive force is simply incredible and they cause millions of dollars worth of damage every year. As land owners, we tend to forget that termites attacking our homes are simply performing their natural function of breaking down wood. Termites are common in forests as recyclers of wood.

There are several species of termites in the United States. The most common ones are the Subterranean , Drywood and Formosan termites. What makes these insects so destructive is their ability to actually digest the wood fiber or cellulose. The actual digestion of wood is performed in the gut of a termite by protozoa living there. The protozoa are passed on from generation to generation by the feeding of termite fecal matter from adults to young termites.

Tarp or tent fumigation is generally done using a product called Vikane. This technique is used for drywood termites although it can be used for other species as well. Fumigation will kill all insects in the treated area, but there is no residual properties which leaves the area quickly vulnerable once again. Dow AgroSciences manufactures Vikane. Click on either the link to learn more about it at the manufacturer’s web site.

Fumigation Resources

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