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    Because WE ARE THAT GOOD!

    Because WE ARE THAT GOOD!

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    Historical Newland House

    Historical Newland House

    Seashore Pest Control has handled even the most delicate of homes in the area

    Seashore Pest Control Since 1985

    Seashore Pest Control Since 1985

    You can count on our professional pest control to eliminate pest infestation reliably and with the highest care to your home or commercial property. We do it right the first time because we know how dear and safe your loved ones and business associates and yourself want to be.

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  • At Seashore Pest Control, we are proud to be family owned and operated, with over 35 years of combined experience in termite control. Our service record is unblemished, and our customers will attest to our commitment to keep it that way. We treat your home like our home, with convenient methods that effectively eliminate termite pests. Family and wallet-friendly treatments are always our goal.

    Our service-oriented company employs local extermination professionals who take pride in the quality of their service. As Orange County exterminators, we specialize in the coastal areas; however, we service all of Los Angeles and Orange Counties; for example, we're often the first call for those seeking a Newport Beach exterminator. We're also available to serve San Bernardino County. Just check out our reviews on Yelp and Google and they speak volumes about the quality of service we give every day.
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  • Family owned and operated level of quality and service

    We provide a professional, prompt service to both the residential and commercial sector. Our comprehensive pest control services protect your home, family and pets. Businesses owners can take advantage of our free site survey prior to implementing a full on-site assessment.


  • Pests can cause serious harm not just to agriculture and properties but also to our health. Pest infestation can be quite frightening. Exterminating pests is very important not just for homes, but also for establishments and businesses. Pests can multiply rapidly, if left uncontrolled; they can cause structural damage and spread deadly diseases. The best way of eradicating pests is by seeking professional help from the experts at Seashore Pest Control.

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    Seashore Pest Control isn't just about termites. We service and control pests of all types and clean up then reconstruct after their damage.