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  • Protection Built Into Your Home

    Now builders can protect their homes from dry wood termite attack as the home is being built. Dry wood termites can infest homes in the coastal and southern areas of the country, and many times, those infestations can start even in the first year!

    Prevent Future Problems

    Any homeowner who has had to fumigate a home knows how hard it can be. The family must temporarily relocate, plants and pets must be removed from the home and power and utilities have to be shut off while the house is covered with tarps and pesticides are pumped inside. When applied during construction, it could help prevent infestations for years to come.

    While this difficult procedure will kill the termites, it does not prevent them from coming back-even in the same year. And in the areas with heavy dry wood termite pressure, it is not a question of if the home will become reinfested, but when. As a result, more and more families are looking for additional treatment choices when dealing with potential dry wood termite problems.


    Boracare Treatment


    Another Solution

    Now you have another option - have your pest control company perform a complete dry wood treatment with Bora-Care. Bora-Care is an EPA registered termiticide and fungicide that is sprayed onto wood. The active ingredient in Bora-Care is Disodium Octaborate. Tetrahydrate, a borate mineral salt that is deadly to insect pests. And because it is a mineral salt, it will a not break down over time. When Bora-Care is sprayed on the wood, its patented formula penetrates deeply into the wood and remains there for years, providing residual protection. Bora-Care is EPA registered as a primary, standalone termite pretreatment in new construction.

    10 Reasons Why Bora Care is the Green Choice


    1. Bora-Care wood treatments eliminate the need to pump Add to dictionary into the ground.
    2. There is virtually no risk of contamination of soil, rivers, lakes or aquifers.
    3. Green builders using Bora-Care have eliminated more than 120 million gallons of diluted termiticide from being applied to the soil across the U.S.
    4. Builders can earn points in green building programs by using Bora-Care, including LEED® for Homes, NAHB National Green Building Program™, EarthCraft® and many others.
    5. Bora-Care penetrates the wood and remains in the wood, providing years of long-term, sustainable residual protection.
    6. Bora-Care saves water. Soil termiticides require large amounts of water for dilution. Using Bora-Care can save 200-300 gallons of water per average-size home.
    7. The element boron is found throughout nature and may be essential to the health of all living plants and animals. Mammals, birds, fish and reptiles can all excrete excess ingested boron, so it has little effect on these non-target organisms; however insects cannot process boron in the same way. As a result, boron accumulates in their systems and interferes with their ability to convert food sugars into energy, leading to starvation. This unique quality makes borates the perfect green solution for targeting termites.
    8. Bora-Care treated wood provides protection from subterranean, Formosan and drywood termites as well as wood boring beetles, carpenter ants and wood decay fungi. It also provides general pest protection by making the treated wood areas uninhabitable by pests such as cockroaches.
    9. Bora-Care emits no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).
    10. Green Builder® magazine selected Bora-Care for its inaugural Overall Grand Prize, Best of Show award at the 2017 National Green Building Conference.


    Protect Your Development


    Drywood termites tend to infest structures by gaining entry around doors, windows, soffits and attics. Once a nest matures, these termites may "swarm" every year and establish new colonies in other areas of the structure. By pretreating the wood, you can help prevent colonies from ever getting started. To control drywood termites, Bora-Care is applied at a 5:l ratio (5 parts water to one part Bora-Care) to the wood in the entire structure during a whole structure pretreatment. This helps prevent drywood termites from infesting the structure.


    As an added benefit, the treated wood also has properties which help protect the structure from other unwanted guests such as: Carpenter Ants, Powderpost Beetles, Anobiid Beetle,s Old House Borers, Longhorned Beetles, Algae Decay Fungi (wet & dry rot), General pests, including crickets, silverfish and ants.


    Bora-Care can eliminate the need for soil termiticides. Beacuse Bora-Care is applied directly to the wood and concrete during the dried-in phase of construction, no chemicals are pumped into the ground. To protect against subterranean termites, Bora-Care is applied to wood in a 1:l ratio (one part water to one part Bora-Care) in a two-foot band treatment from the foundation up. All wood that comes in contact with the foundation is sprayed, along with concrete and plumbing penetrations as well as any other foundation penetrations. This treatment can take place anytime after the structure is dried-in, but before the insulation is installed.


    Bora-Care is an effective wood treatment that protects the structure now and in the future against both drywood termites and a host of other pests. This allows pest management professionals, builders and homeowners flexibility in protecting their homes.
    Although Bora Care treatment are a viable alternative when it comes to termite control, structural fumogations are still the only "whole house" treatments available.